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Aussies Pick Smartphone Over TV

December 16th 2014 - Tuesday

A majority of Australians would rather go without television than their smartphone, while the number of users using their mobile phone for just calls and SMS has fallen to just 9%, according to a new survey.

The “Australian Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index” was conducted by the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association and conducted by strategic research analysts Complete the Picture.

It combined a survey of 1459 respondents with Australian Bureau of Statistic Census demographic data and socioeconomic status data from the Household Expenditure Survey.

The figures show that 61% of Australians would rather go without television than their mobile phone, while 50% would rather go without their PC or tablet than their mobile. Meanwhile, 30% would rather do without their car than their mobile phone.

Meanwhile, a little over one-third of Australians (34%) have already ditched the landline in favour of just their mobile phone, with a further 48% saying that while they still have a landline connected, they use it rarely.

Another key finding is that growth in the Australian smartphone market is close to a saturation point. Around 89% of Australians now own a smartphone, up slightly from 88% last year, and up significantly from 67% in 2011.