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Rockefellar Foundation hosts Impact Sourcing Conference in South Africa

The Rockefellar Foundation, is hosting an Impact Sourcing Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa on Dec 5, 2011 at the Radisson Blu Gautrain in Sandton. Impact Sourcing is a new way of ensuring that high quality job are created for the poor and the vulnerable by providing information-based services to domestic and international clients.

Under the theme:  Impact Sourcing – A Sustainable Path to Job Creation, the conference will explore ways in which impact sourcing models can be implemented. The speakers will be global individuals from United States, Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America who are well versed with Impact Sourcing in terms of its current achievements and future potential. The conference is the flagship activity of the Rockefellar Foundation’s Poverty Reduction through Information and Digital Employment (PRIDE) initiative.

PRIDE initiativeseeks to harness the global outsourcing sector's innovative employment and efficient service delivery models. The initiative seeks to do so by catalyzing a new arm of the BPO sector known as Impact Sourcing (IS), which employs poor and vulnerable people as principal workers in BPO centers to provide high quality information-based services to domestic and international clients.

Utilizing advances in Information and Communications Technology infrastructure to create jobs for poor and vulnerable people, PRIDE is expected to create sustainable employment opportunities by supporting the development and testing of impact sourcing business models, research on interventions and continuing to build the network of key stakeholders to advance the field.

Over the past twelve months, the Rockefeller Foundation has engaged both grantees and thought partners to explore the potential for impact sourcing as a path for sustainable job creation. At this event, the Foundation will convene these experts and other leaders for a conference aimed exploring how impact sourcing can provide sustainable economic opportunities for the poor and vulnerable populations.

The conference will provide a platform for these diverse stakeholders to engage in a robust debate on the various routes to scaling impact sourcing. Participants will discuss other issues relating to the industry including the role of industry participants, role of government in providing anchor demand and appropriate policies, identify case successful case studies and, explore training and entrepreneurship models.

Key sessions for the conference :


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