Outsourcing and Vendor Management in Financial Institutions

23-24 February 2017


Central London, United Kingdom

In recent times, financials have been forced to rethink traditional operating models in favour of outsourcing models that will help improve revenue and create new business opportunities. The big reasons for this change are the increased regulations, reliance on technology as well as the need to quickly target new areas and financials are turning to outsourcing as the answer.

Financials are currently embracing outsourcing as a strategic extension to the business for managing core processes, but simply outsourcing all activity is not the way forward, financials must also manage and mitigate the risk arising from their vendors. If vendors are not managed correctly, this will expose banks to a number of threats in turn resulting in reputational damage. Therefore, this marcus evans conference will explore how financials can use vendors to cut costs and improve process as well as monitor and control third parties.

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