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Welcome the Global Business Services (GBS) Forum 2015

Event series promises to showcase latest trending topics in the sourcing world

Over a two decade period, the sourcing industry has moved from simple fix-its to comprehensive value models, globalising along the way and bringing together variegated competencies technologies and models. Convergence resulted in a battle of wits pitting traditional business models against each other in the face of uncertain business environments.

The morphing of such models to extract hidden value and incorporate flexibility has now translated into adoption of the Global Business Services (GBS) model.

Come June onwards – Outsourcing magazine will organise the Global Business Services Forum (GBS Forum 2015) series targeted towards professionals within this sphere.

Global services have been evolving over the years. Gone are the days of just arguments, analysis and implementation of projects based on mere cost reduction opportunities.

Organisations today understand that their operations need to incorporate elements of flexibility, agility, customer centricity and market alignment. Managing costs remains important – however the pursuits aren’t aimed at reductions as much as in capital reallocation and spend management in a world of resource scarcity.  Therefore, the introduction of modern tools to gain strategic value is becoming increasingly vital.

“Today it is all about transforming the way business is done by leveraging global opportunities to deliver solutions across many locations and platforms,” said Sritharan Vellasamy, the publisher of Outsourcing magazine and Organising Chairman of GBS Forum 2015 event series. “It is also about ensuring that hitherto discrete business models, like shared services operations and outsourcing, are cohesively leveraged within the context of a GBS framework.”

But what do these global business services structures look like? And how will they evolve to support and enhance the businesses that they operate or serve? Also, as we draw the curtains down to the era commoditised services and outdated business models – it is vital that vendors ensure their continued relevance in a global world that only recognises corporate meritocracy.

On the Shared Services segment – how can these entities find ways to further enhance their operations? How about organisations who are left behind in this global services game – isn’t it never too late to get onboard?

“The event series, a total of three one-day events across 2015, seeks to highlight trending topics within the Global Business Services industry, besides creating a solid platform for the uninitiated to get the right information and latest trends, besides setting the stage for an interaction within the business community to share knowledge and debunk myths,” added Vellasamy, who is also the CEO of Wordlabs Global, the media company that publishes the Outsourcing magazine.

The responsibility for creating tangible outcomes now traverses the entire sourcing footprint of organisations, as opposed to the earlier siloed delivery models, says Bobby Varanasi, CEO of Matryzel Consulting, the Strategic Advisor of the event series.

Varanasi added: “Interestingly some new challenges have come to the fore, thereby needing a better understanding of the facets of GBS.

“A forum dedicated to understanding and deciphering the value from GBS models is therefore timely. Outsourcing magazine with its experience in putting together knowledge, content and thought leadership around sourcing over the past seven years has put them in the best neutral position to enable a forum to deliberate GBS.

“As advisors in the sourcing space where we focus at creating and sustaining value within customer organisations, we do believe that collaborative partnering and integration of various business service models into a cohesive and seamless operating environment supersedes all other considerations around risk-averse models. An understanding of the GBS model therefore becomes pertinent for organisations – vendors and buyers – if they are to build and deliver value. We are proud to collaborate with Outsourcing magazine and Wordlabs Global in this educational endeavour.”

Jerry E Durant, a Member of the Editorial Committee of the Outsourcing magazine, stressed that professionals in every walk of life struggle with finding sources of information and inspiration to serve as a catalyst for progressive and productive intellectual advancement. 

He said many of the roads are ordinary and commonplace that ends up wasting time and energy.  “The GBS Forum brings to bear innovative, thought provoking and emerging ideas that embrace participants by making them a part of the advancement and not simply a passive listener.”

Durant adds: “The forums bring forth the latest in topics that are not only just beyond the radar of understanding but have a significant contribution to present day corporate strategies and tactics.  Building on this understanding, participants should expect to become a part of the concepts and to challenge, explore and discuss deployment in practical terms.  GBS Forums are not just an educational experience but one where the ideas become one with the participants.”

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