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Poznań, 17 April 2013

April 26th 2013 - Friday

What to do to stay on the top?

“Invest In Poznań. Development perspectives for the capital of Wielkopolska” conference.

Another “Prospects in Poland” investment seminar took place in Poznań, where representatives of business and local governments, economists and investment market analysts met to discuss chances and dangers in times of crisis, investment and development perspectives, investment policies of Poznań, local brands and their further expansion, in the context of macroeconomic prognosis for Poland.

“Even though Poznańhas the lowest unemployment rate, the largest number of economic entities (just after Warsaw) and was given an A3 rating, we are not going to rest now. We are hoping for steady economic development based on maintaining perfect relations with investors, who may count on full support and sympathy from the City”, said Jerzy Stępień, Deputy President of the City of Poznań.

Poznańis considered to be in the forefront of the most attractive localisations for investments in Central and Eastern Europe, which is a result of, among others, entrepreneurs activity. “Companies, and few thousand of them with foreign capital, are becoming more competitive in global markets, which has a direct effect on development of local and polish economy. Our goal is to support economical activity and to take on further actions to create more attractive job vacancies”, continued Jerzy Stępień.

“We can not hope for a ‘boom’. The important thing is that the near future will bring a small, yet steady growth. Global economic crisis is coming to an end, and, even though it may be hard to believe, there are signs of improvement and new investment possibilities in the eurozone. The future can only be better. The nearest 5 to 7 years are going to be fruitful for Poland. A lot depends on local governments that have to work on improving quality of investor assistance”, said Marek Zuber, economist and financial markets analyst.

One of the first stops on potential investors way in Poznańis Investor Relations Department of the City of Poznań, called “city’s special unit”. “We do not dedicate our services just to foreign investors. We help many polish investors, especially those that represent the largest, strategic sectors, and benefit from high technologies and knowledge, i.e. economic subjects from BPO sector (business process outsourcing)”, stressed Marcin Przyłębski, head of the Department.

Is promoting Poznańas a city-brand (Made in POZnan*) going to bring some measurable results for entrepreneurs? Representatives of companies that have invested in the city shared their experiences with guests. Panelists tried to evaluate the strength of Poznańbrand and brands of business entities present in the city, their further expansion with the use of local potential and global possibilities, and the competitiveness of the companies in the region.

There is still a lot to do in the area of business – education cooperation. “PoznańIndustry and Technology Park is an example of combining those two areas. Poznańas a know-how city is not just a slogan, even though many entrepreneurs still have problems with acquiring specialized professionals. We have created a platform that promotes the idea of enterprise and being innovative among young businessmen”, emphasised Grzegorz Michalski,  president of Wielkopolska Investment Support Center.

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