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The fourth Edition of ”Prospects in Poland” Investment Seminars Have Started

March 8th 2013 - Friday

This year’s cycle was started by "Proactive in business! First Forum of Theoretical and Practical Resources for the Development of Companies in Lower Silesia” seminar, that was held on the 26th of February in Radisson Blu hotel in Wrocław. The event was organized by Bluevine Consulting, the originator and initiator of "Prospects in Poland” cycle.

What lies ahead for the polish economy this year? What are the perspectives for local entrepreneurs? Are polish companies ready for applying innovative solutions and how does it influence on their condition? What are the perspectives for development of the outsourcing sector in Poland? How do local brands impact on the region’s development? These were just some of the discussed matters by the experts during the "Proactive in business!” seminar.

Representatives od local institutions, entrepreneurs, specialists and valued economists took part in the discussion. One of them was Marek Zuber, financial markets analyst, economist and financial adviser. Among the guests there were Dariusz Ostrowski (the president of Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency), Marcin Mierzwa (Deputy Director of  Brokerage Office at Alior Private Banking), Zygmunt Łopalewski (spokesman for INDESIT Company Polska), Michał Turczyk (Senior Manager at Deloitte). Wiesław Błysz (Vice President Marketing at REC Global), Przemysław Berendt (Global Marketing Vice President and Managing Director Poland at Luxoft), Anna Mikołajczyk (Vice President at Mikomax Smart Office), Marta Janowicz-Stradomska (legal adviser, founder and managing partner at CERTO Law Firm). The event was moderated by Jan Cieński from Financial Times.

The fact that this year’s cycle of Prospects in Poland started in Wrocław was not a coincidence. ‘’The capital of Lower Silesia, as a leader in business, is a perfect place for initiating this kind of important discussions’’, stressed Dariusz Ostrowski, the president of Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency. ‘’The advantage of the region are successful investors from and outside of Poland. That is why we are so pleased that Wrocław can host this event’’, he added.

According to Dariusz Ostrowski, Wrocław is attractive for investors for many reasons. Local authorities do their best to provide them with the sense of security, and create proper and favorable conditions for business developing. This opinion was supported by Przemysław Berendt, the CMO at Luxoft, who said: ‘’Our cooperation with Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency runs smoothly and perfectly”.

The participants of the debate confirmed that they were looking for new ways of cost-cutting and development possibilities in the current market situation. They are able to achieve that by finding new, cheaper localizations for running their business, and through outsourcing selected services.

One of the crucial elements of the debate was the topic of Poland joining the Eurozone.

‘’We were not worried by vice prime minister, Rostowski, who predicted that euro would not become a currency in Poland during his political carrier. Currency matters have never been a decisive factor for us being present in this region. We decided to invest in Poland because of its locatization in the centre of Europe and becauce of the people. Polish people work well and with passion’’, said Zygmunt Łopalewski, spokesman for INDESIT Company Polska. ‘’Clearly, the fact that euro has not been introduced in Poland brings some advantages and disadvantages as well. For instance, a common currency would cause a bigger stability in financial planning.’’

The conference participants also pointed to a different aspect of running a business – optimal design and good organisation of office space. It was stressed that it was important for all etrepreneurs, including those from the BPO sector.

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