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Kielce In The Centre Of Attention Of The Outsourcing Sector

February 8th 2013 - Friday

The most important representatives of the dynamically developing sector of Business Process Outsourcing are invited by City of Kielce and Deloitte to come to Kielce on 4th and 5th of April. They will participate in “Appetite for outsourcing. Development perspectives for BPO centres in Kielce and other cities of Eastern Poland”. They will also have a chance of visiting business locations of the city that are significant for BPO sector.

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) has become an essential factor for the growth of local economies, which is noticeable in the fact that more or less 100 000 of people find jobs in BPO centres. The number is considered to rise by another 20 000 by the end of the year.

How many of those people will be related to investments in Kielce and other cities of Eastern Poland (Olsztyn, Białystok, Lublin and Rzeszów among others)? What do investors expect from local governments? Which specialization is each localization famous for? How are they perceived outside of the region? How can local communities benefit from BPO centres development? The two-day long event in Kielce, that will become Poland’s BPO centre for this period, is supposed to answer these and many other questions.

The event will be inaugurated by the Mayor of Kielce, Wojciech Lubawski. Paweł Panczyj, the managing director of ABSL (Association of Business Service Leaders) which associates biggest sector’s investors in Poland, i.e. IBM, HP, MAN, P&G, Infosys, Shell or Capgemini, will be the special guest of the conference.

“What we are observing right now, is the growing interest of investors in Eastern Poland macroregion, which is more competitive in comparison with the other regions. It is caused by different labor cost among other things”, said Paweł Panczyj.

This interest is supported by facts – more or less 20 BPO centres are located on the territory of the following voivodships: świętokrzyskie, warmińsko-mazurskie, podlaskie, lubelskie and podkarpackie. Those include investments made by Medicover, Infover, Invex, Transition Technology or Citibank.

The hosts of the conference are City of Kielce and Deloitte. Bluevine Consulting is the organizing partner of the event.

More information:Aneta Kłodaś, Bluevine Consulting, +48 509 332 606