Integrated Customer Service Department For Alibaba

November 19th 2014 - Wednesday

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has set up a unified customer service department by integrating the customer service units of various platforms.

The new department, set up in June, was formed in line with Alibaba’s policy of putting customers before employees and shareholders, leading to a level of customer service which industry insiders say is much higher than its domestic peers.

 The state-based China Entrepreneur magazine reported that customer complaints are inevitable in view of the huge amount of transactions on Alibaba platforms such as Taobao, which ships more than 30 million parcels daily.

If complaints are not dealt with or are improperly handled they can lead to a lack of trust between the customer and the company.

The magazine said the new customer service department plans to use big data to tackle complaints, such as distinguishing good e-stores from bad. Eventually, the department will convert their service experience into products for use by e-stores, according to the magazine.