MyBiz: Looking Up To Cloud To Manage Costs

Success Breeds Success

The business process service market is open to innovation. Gartner also highlighted in its report that MyBiz is one of the three innovative emerging players to exemplify a variety of trends impacting the current and future posture of established business process service providers.  

Besides helping clients to decrease overall costs for data handling business processes between 3% to 20%, MyBiz is spearheading the transformation of cost management and spend optimisation to make customers more competitive globally.

Despite the growing accolades, Cheong constantly challenges himself and the organisation he leads. “I truly believe Malaysian technology and companies can make a mark at the global stage. This is our challenge and target – ensuring that all our solutions are well received in the world market. We believe in our own work and efforts to give global software giants in our business segment a run for their money in this region. By having industry leaders who have already bought the world’s best brands from the United States and Europe, MyBiz has proven to add value where our competitors can’t or don’t do well.”

He added: “In addition to managing outsourced business processes and procurement transaction records, MyBiz also provides the capability to efficiently control material and services costs and how companies source for the most competitive suppliers.”

Cheong stressed that MyBiz needs to raise its profile to achieve its future targets for global expansion. He is also thankful for the assistance accorded by Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC), the custodian of the MSC Malaysia initiative. “MDeC realises and believes in MyBiz’s true potential and has stepped in to provide regional and global access and exposure for our offerings and brand.” 























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