3rd Digital Customer Experience Management Summit (DCEM)

March 6th 2017 - Monday

Learn About World of Digitization and Welcome a New Age for Customer Experience!At the Summit, seize an opportunity to network with global leading experts: the prominent figures from Facebook, DBS Bank, Google, Telekom Malaysia, Coca-Cola, Citi FinTech and many more.

The Key Themes and Takeaways:

·      25+ Hard Hitting Debates

·      Omni Vs Opti & How develop winning combination for personalized experience

·      Building the world's best digital bank in less than 12 months

·      How Digital Can Drive An Omnichannel Strategy For A New Brand

·      Measuring the CX! NPS or CSAT? The best metrics for your organization

·      Business Drivers for Digital Transformation

·      Understand The Next Gen Data Strategies to Drive Analytics and among others…


Readers of Outsourcing and Global Business Services are eligible for exclusive 10% discount.

Download the full event agenda here.


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