Editor's Note

While the United States President Donald Trump continues the rhetoric of blaming the state of American unemployment on outsourcing and labour from other countries – many may argue that, perhaps, it is the rise of the machines is something that he should keep an eye on.

Research conducted recently by PwC states that about 40% of jobs in the US may be vulnerable to being taken over by robots within the next 15 years.

It is also estimated that 30% of jobs in the United Kingdom could be threatened by automation, compared to 35% in Germany and 21% in Japan.

The study noted that the US has a higher percentage of jobs under threat by automation because more workers in that country are employed in positions that require routinised tasks, such as filling out paperwork.

In the global services landscape, the search for just cheap labour is obviously passé, with the move towards more automation clearly turning the sourcing space on its head.

Vendors are now imbuing their services with a plethora of new gen digital tools – be it Automation, Cloud, Internet of Things or Data Analytics – pushing the ways of the traditional outsourcing services to the backseat.

In this edition, we have dedicated many of our articles on Digital Disruption and how it will shape the businesses and our world in the times to come. In fact, the articles takes a peek not just into the near future where automation, self-learning and robotics technologies are being viewed as threats to traditionalist views with jobs, but also into the distant future where the very definition of jobs is seen as obsolete.

Meanwhile, our Global Business Services (GBS) Network’s Forums will be held again this year – continuing the momentum to create a comprehensive regional platform for business leaders to assemble and interact with an ensemble cast of expert speakers.

These Forums are geared to educate and inform you of the transformation of the sourcing world and what it means for the future of business models and careers.  Entitled “Tit For Tech: Handling Disruption”, our event on July 20 in Kuala Lumpur will have Digital Transformation as the focus of most discussions.

There will be more events and programmes in the pipeline under our GBS Network (gbsforum.com) with pending announcements. So stay tuned!

– Sritharan Vellasamy